Grooming Terms and Conditions

Lily The Dog After Being GroomedGrrs 2 Purrs Pet Services Ltd will always put your pet’s welfare as a priority before a groom.

Grrs 2 Purrs Pet Services Ltd reserves the right to cancel or re arrange an appointment if in our opinion the welfare of your dog would be compromised.

This could be due to elements such as adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat, your dog’s stress levels at being groomed and our Staff welfare.

Your dogs

It is the customers responsibility to advise us of any health conditions including allergies that may affect the groom.

If at any point we are unable to finish a groom due to behaviour or biting issues and you have not previously advised or taken steps to prevent this, we will still charge you for a full groom.

Coat conditions

Matting – extra charges may be incurred this will always be discussed prior your dog’s groom or we will consult via telephone to give you options.


It may at certain times be necessary to take a little longer to groom your dog such as very busy periods or over lunch time cover. You will be advised of the collection time upon leaving your pet.

If for any reason you are unable to collect your dog within a reasonable time without notifying the salon prior to the groom you may be charged at the day boarding rate for the late collection.

Pet photographs

From time to time we will take photographs of your pets.

We use these for our social media including face book and Instagram pages. If you would prefer for us to not use any pictures of your animals please advise us of this.

Free puppy grooms

In order to qualify for our free puppy groom, the puppy must not have been groomed before. If your puppy’s coat is knotted or matted, we may make a small charge. Only one free groom per puppy.