About Grrs2Purrs

Running a dog grooming salon and pet store has been my lifelong ambition and I finally realised that with Grrs2Purrs in 2014. It is a family run business which my Partner Andre has supported from the start and continues to support in so many ways.

My Daughter Ally (she is the young one in the photos with me) plays a major part in my business and supporting me to drive it forward.

I have two great teams. India, Amy, Kealie and Alisha in the Grooming salon and Sam, Kerry, Becky and Kim in the Pet Services team. Without these guys’ commitment, support and great work ethics, life in my business would not be so rewarding!

Brindle was my inspiration and still is as he ages (he is 14 years old). He is full of life, very driven, and loves new adventures. Our beautiful 3 year-old labradoodle Bertha is the new addition to the family and we have had her from 10 weeks old. She is the face of my business as she spends so much time with me in the salon and the shop. Visitors love her. She gives so much to children and adults with her gentle ways, her love and her amazing cuddles. Even people who don’t have dogs come to have a cuddle! She has passion, energy, style and elegance. She’s great therapy!

So, as Brindle and Bertha at home are a match made in Heaven and bring out the best in each other, that’s what they represent about my business.

Both my dogs are my world and inspire me everyday!!!


For the Future

The future is looking so exciting as the grooming and retail shop continues to strive forward, evolve and maintain its excellent reputation.

The pet services, opened in 2017, is the youngest part of my business and is growing so fast lets see what the future brings.

We are really looking forward to getting to know you and your pets!!

Take care,

Fran Cheshire
– Owner, Grrs2Purrs

Grrs2purrs Staff And Dog
Fran and Ally with Bertha


Dog Head Person
Well they do say you look like your dogs.